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Welcome to the CN Roundtables
The CN Roundtables facilitate face to face discussions amongst groups of leading event professionals who are keen to listen, learn and build relationships with like-minded peers, working together to provide actionable solutions to prevalent industry challenges.

Led by our CN editors, we guarantee that each of our Roundtable discussions is pre-planned by an expert moderator, ensuring the discussion points and questions are relevant and relatable.

Our next series of roundtables for 2023-24 are being scheduled. Stay tuned for more information on the dates and topics.




Who's invited?
We’re calling on the sharpest minds in the conference and events industry to share their expertise, ideas and insights that lead to informed decisions and more effective action.

Attendance to our Roundtable events is free, however you must be at a managerial level or higher and job role be relevant to the area of discussion. You can register to attend just one, a few or all in the series.

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Why attend?


Increase industry knowledge

Expose yourself to the most current, up-to date information on specific industry challenges and gain valuable insights to help stand out from the competition and push the industry forward.




Widen the quality of your professional network as our roundtables bring together senior decision-makers throughout the industry.





Position yourself and your organisation as a trusted advisor and support the production of award winning journalism. 



Excel our industry


Show your commitment to the industry and align with the UK's most trusted events publication.


Our next series of roundtables for 2024-25 are being finalised. Stay tuned for more updates!




Previous Attendees



What they said 


Demonstrating return on investment

How do delegates absorb information?

 How venue selection can impact technical production

How To Put Sustainable Development Goals To Work Through Hybrid Events

Sustainability Roundtable

Managing Mental Health and Sustainability


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