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Networking lunch

24 Jul 2024
CN Sustainability Summit 2024
Networking Periods

An opportunity to network with fellow attendees or relax with complimentary lunch provided from a hot buffet menu. All dietary requirements will be catered for.

Meat Mains:
β€’ A β€œPicanha” Steak – Grilled (DF/GF/NF/H)
β€’ Salmon fillet with lemon crust (DF/NF/H) Allergens: gluten

Vegan Main:
β€’ Chickpea, spinach, and butternut squash light curry (VG/GF/DF/NF/H)

β€’ Roasted sweet potato wedges (VG/GF/DF/NF/H)

Salads & Vegetables:
β€’ Avocado & mango salad (VG/GF/DF/NF/H)
β€’ Mixed leaves, tomatoes & red onions (VG/GF/DF/NF/H)
β€’ Quinoa and mixed leaves salad with balsamic dressing on the side (VG/GF/DF/NF/H)
β€’ Bread & butter (V/NF/H) Allergens: gluten, dairy

‒ Coconut Crème Brûlée (V/GF/NF/H) Allergens: dairy, eggs
β€’ Fruit salad (VG/GF/DF/NF/H)