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Journey to Green Events: Reducing impact through smart supply chain choices

24 Jul 2024
CN Sustainability Summit 2024
Panel Session

Join us to examine the impact of travel on your carbon footprint and strategies for minimising waste at events. Learn about sourcing sustainable materials and promoting reusability. We’ll also discuss how to select the right venue, what evidence to request from your suppliers to verify their claims, as well as how they can work together to ensure your event’s practices are sustainable across the supply chain.

Alex Townshend, Sustainability Consultant - You. Smart. Thing.
Jo Austin, Sales Director & C&E Sustainability Lead - Lime Venue Portfolio
Jon Noonan, Managing Director - Minus45dB
Mical De Boer, Managing Director - Losberger De Boer UK
Scott Holman, Commercial Director - Immersive AV
Toni Simpson, Training and Development Manager - Good Hotel