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Join the CN30 Class of 2022

The process to enter the CN 30underThirty is simple and completely free. To give yourself or your colleague the chance to win a place in the Class of 2023, it is key to demonstrate how the nominee has produced outstanding work or shown amazing progression within the conference and meetings industry over the last few years. But before you enter, please read all the information below and download our submission guide to give your application the best possible chance of success.


CN30 - Application Process

CN30u30 - Download the submission guide

Download the submission guide.

Before submitting your application - make sure you have downloaded and read the contents of our free submission guide.

Each year, we write this guide to provide you with the key points to cover in your submission, what our judging panel is looking out for, key dates etc.

To download the submission guide, simply click the link below and fill in the form. You will then receive an email from the CN team with a link to the submission guide included.




Form sent

Submit your application.

When ready, enter your application! Once all applications have been received, the CN team will then forward them on to our A-list panel of judges to review and whittle down to the final shortlist for the CN 30underThirty β€˜The Class of 2023’.



CN30u30 2022 Logo

The Class of 2023 is announced!

Winners will be announced online on Monday 5 February 2024. If successful, you will be contacted by the CN team to congratulate and invite you (and a plus one of your choice!) to the awards ceremony, taking place at International Confex 2024 on Thursday 29 Feburary 2024 at ExCeL London. Joining instructions will be provided in the build up to the ceremony.

CN30u30 Meet the panel


CN30 - Request the sub guide

CN30 - Sub Guide


Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to enter?
Nominees must work within the conference and meetings industry
and must be 29 or younger on Thursday 7 December 2023 (the date applications opened).

I'm already a 30underThirty Alumni. Can I still enter?
Unfortunately not. The CN 30underThirty operates a "one time only" policy to ensure a fair opportunity for new young talent. However, if you're already a 30underThirty alumni, you are able to nominate fellow industry professionals for the scheme.

When and where is the CN 30underThirty awards ceremony taking place?
The CN 30underThirty - Class of 2023 awards ceremony will take place on
Thursday 29 February 2024 at ExCeL London, as part of International Confex 2024. Check out our previous events to get a better idea of what it involves!

Is it difficult to prepare an entry?
Applying for the CN30underThirty scheme is a simple and straight-forward process. We recommend reading the submission guide (available to download here) to provide you with everything you need before placing an application.


Can I nominate myself?
Absolutely! If you are nominating yourself, make sure to include supporting documents to showcase evidence of your work to support your application.

Can I edit my entry?
Once submitted, you cannot edit your application. Therefore, we advise that you draft and proof your submission before filling in the form.

When did nominations open and when will they close?
The CN30underThirty nominations opened on Thursday 7 December 2023 and will close on Thursday 18 January 2024. You can put yourself forward, or you could nominate somebody else.

What information will I have to provide?

Nominee details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Age
  • Company
  • Job title
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Main social media handles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook)

A headshot suitable for publication (2MB, high-quality PNG file)


A 25-word bio about the nominee

The nominees company logos (Main logo and white version)

400 words - Why does this nominee belong in the CN 30underThirty class of 2021?

400 words - Where will the nominee be in five years?

400 words - Summarise the nominee's skills, strengths, and achievements

400 words - What industry challenge does the nominee feel passionate about solving?

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