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You. Smart. Thing.

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'You. Smart. Thing.' (YST) is the leading travel demand management and visitor travel planning platform for destinations, venues, and events. Our technology enhances visitor experience & increases revenues whilst reducing the disproportionate carbon footprint created by visitor travel. Our intuitive online travel assistant interface can be tailored to optimise data capture, people flow, dwell time and revenue generation. It enables organisations to offer content-enhanced wayfinding and curated low-carbon door-to-door travel plans that nudge visitors towards ‘net zero’ travel. 

How can your company help event planners to meet their sustainability objectives?

For destination, venue, and event operators the platform generates detailed visitor analytics. ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ analytics include modes of travel, routes, and carbon footprint data, prior to, during and after a journey, by individual, event, venue, organisation, and region. These insights can be used promote more sustainable transit options, for operational logistics and security management, and for highly targeted marketing communications.

Case study: With over 66% using public transport and under 16% driving, domestic spectator travel emissions for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games were over 70% less than previous Games.

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