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One Tribe

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One Tribe is a cutting-edge carbon impact platform designed to help event organisers offset their event footprint.

Our climate action API empowers brands to reduce emissions, invest in nature-based solutions, and support high-integrity conservation projects verified by world leading standards. By partnering with us, event planners can make a genuine, meaningful impact on the planet. To date, we've protected over 78 million trees, helping hundreds of global brands on their journey to Net Zero.

How can your company help event planners to meet their sustainability objectives?

- One Tribe helps event organisers reduce and measure their event footprint by calculating core emission areas and providing emission reduction action plans
- Educate brands and businesses on the importance of emissions reduction and and how they can lower their carbon footprint through supporting nature-based initiatives
- Enable the offsetting of event footprints through the purchase of high-grade nature-based offsets that are verified by world leading standards
- Support attendees in lowering their carbon footprint by offsetting emissions with every ticket sale
- Offer events planners the opportunity to speak with experts in carbon and nature-based solutions
- Events planners gain an official, verified offset partner that can turn their event into a net positive process
- Protect endangered forest regions across the globe and fund conservation projects
- Engage attendees with interactive climate incentives and marketing tools

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