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Event Videos, effortlessly

Turn any event into a hybrid event with bitesize videos and photos at scale.
Branded videos get created automatically in seconds then sent to your dashboard to download, share or turn into a highlight video. Already 1000’s of event branded videos have been made using ShoutOut.

What are the benefits for event planners who opt to use your services?

Event and Trade Show Videos, Effortlessly
You can create and share branded videos automatically, and your whole team can work collaboratively with your event content in the cloud. Videos get sent to the recipient and social media managers in seconds so they can be shared instantly.
ShoutOut also provides a fully managed trade show and event service. We build your branding templates and send trained staff to take photos and record video clips of exhibitors, delegates and speakers to produce videos for your social media manager to approve and share instantly.

Who will be attending the event as a representative of your company?

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