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Pigeonhole Live

Event Partner

Pigeonhole Live is the premier platform for creating engaging and interactive experiences at in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Its intuitive interface allows event planners to easily build interactive conversations through Q&As, live polls, quizzes, and more. With smart features like AI translation, it ensures inclusive participation, breaking language barriers for attendees no matter what language they speak or where they may be located. This transformative engagement turns events into vibrant forums for dialogue and community, leading to insightful attendee experiences. Global brands, including Unilever and Adobe, have leveraged Pigeonhole Live to elevate the interactivity and impact of their events.

What are the benefits for event planners who opt to use your services?

Event planners using Pigeonhole Live enjoy numerous benefits: They engage audiences deeply with interactive Q&As, polls, and quizzes, capturing real-time insights that shape successful events. Our platform enhances participation, ensuring every voice is heard through AI-powered translations, encouraging inclusivity no matter what languages attendees may speak. Streamlined for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, it integrates seamlessly with many event platforms, offering a stress-free setup. Plus, Pigeonhole Live’s robust analytics empower planners with data-driven decision-making, enhancing event impact and attendee satisfaction. With our platform, event planners not only host events but create memorable, community-building experiences that resonate with every participant.

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