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GetPica is a revolutionary tech platform which delivers events photos in real time straight to the participants' smartphones - and each attendee receives exclusively the photos in which they are portrayed.

Our advanced AI and facial recognition make the platform versatile for any kind of event, from intimate charity gatherings to massive 80,000-attendee shows, to major sporting events, fashion shows, conferences, trade shows, golf tournaments, and many more solutions.

What are the benefits for event planners who opt to use your services?

GetPica ensures a personalized and seamless experience for the guests as the event photos are automatically sorted and delivered.

Our partners can also enjoy instant engagement and limitless applications, as we provide sponsorship and branding opportunities, such as customized clickable banners within each album, the possibility to add logos on the photos and deliver promotional public media.

The performance of the event is also tracked through a designated dashboard, which loads data in real time to show the latest engagement metrics and impressions, proving the true value of your event and enticing sponsors.

Who will be attending the event as a representative of your company?

Claudio Zappetti,
Sales Director UK & Northern Europe,

Luca Di Martino,
International Development,

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