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One Tribe

One Tribe specialise in sustainability solutions powered by our bespoke climate action technology. Funding the continued protection and regeneration of forests under certified voluntary carbon market projects.

We work with partners across the globe to fund conservation projects that sequester carbon through tree protection, increase biodiversity, protect land and improve the livelihood of Indigenous communities.

Our technology has helped hundreds of global brands on their journey to net zero, protecting over 78 million trees to date.

What services do you offer to event agencies?

- One Tribe helps brands and businesses take sustainable action by protecting trees in endangered forest regions across the globe and funding conservation projects
- Offset event footprints through the sourcing of high-grade nature-based offsets that are legally verified and certified to support nature
- Support attendees in lowering their carbon footprint by offsetting emissions with every ticket sale
- Offer events planners the opportunity to speak with experts in carbon and nature-based offsets and calculate their event footprint
- Events planners gain an official, verified offset partner that can turn their event into a net positive aligned event
- Engage attendees with interactive climate incentives and marketing tools

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